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Remembering Zina Nicole Lahr

It’s amazing how life can change completely in a matter of seconds. This post in in memory of Zina Nicole Lahr, a great and talented artist, designer, and creator of the most crazy stuff. She used to peculiarly diagnose herself with a condition called CCD or Creative Compulsive Disorder and had extremely passion for everything related to art.

I suppose you could say I have a self-diagnosed condition called CCD, it’s Creative Compulsive Disorder where I have to make stuff all the time, and with whatever I have around me, so if it’s trash, or junk, or things that people would normally throw away, I try to find new ways to re-fabricate them into something useful and beautiful. (Zina)

Unfortunately she passed away in a hiking accident this past November. Definitely a tragic loss of an artist full of spirit and soul.

Remembering Zina:
Her last video -> The Work of Zina Nicole Lahr
More about her and her artwork ->Zina Nicole Lahr





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