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Retrospective – More than POP!

The American Pop Artist Roy Lichtenstein is considered one of the most prominent and talented artists of the 60’s generation. He is recognized as the main figure and initiator of the American Pop Art for his particular style on comic strips and commercial printing. His latest exhibition “Retrospective”, takes place at the National Gallery of Art – East Building in Washington, DC presenting a collection of his greatest pieces.

 The exhibition follows his career from the 1950’s, offering an extensive look at his various styles and interpretations. Showing more than 100 pieces of art including paintings, drawings, and sculptures, his expansive legacy is mostly based on comic-book treatments of war and romance through subsequent series. There are pieces from different collections including Brushstrokes, Art Deco, Modern, Mirrors, Chinese Landscapes among others.

The visual language, typography, brushstrokes, and talent, make this an impressive collection. The exhibition lasts until January, 13;  my favorite piece was “We Rose Up Slowly”, what was yours?

For more info click here—>

We Rose Up Slowly


Look MickeyAs I Opened FireSleeping Muse


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